'Ello! I'm Emma and this is my blog where I'm posting any old thing that crosses my mind. It might be a review, some general musings, or I might just really like my outfit one day and feel the need to share it.

A little bit about me: I'm 22 years old and I live in Manchester with my Mum and my cat Esme. I dislike spicy food and I'm voluntarily ginger, and my party trick is knowing all the lyrics to a lot of mainstream rap songs. I also know my phonetic alphabet.

I'm interested in literature, films, feminism, live music, and good food. I spend most of my time working my way through endless lists of films/tv shows/books I've been recommended by friends, and I love discovering new places and meeting new people. I want to travel round Europe but financial constraints hold me back.

Hit me up on Twitter @emmawillyarms! Tweet me nicely and I'll do the same.

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